Urban Factory is a French brand that was created in 2007. A multi-specialist accessory distributor, it reflects modernity, elegance and power in its highly refined product lines. There are four large families comprising its catalogue: IT bags, accessories for tablets and smartphones, technical accessories for computers and accessories for cameras and video cameras. Urban Factory is the ideal partner for anyone who enjoys combining the practical side of urban life with trendiness, fashion and design. Its target clientele is mixed as the brand is aimed at both the general public as well as professionals. “Accessories are your best friends” is the brand motto which expresses the company’s reason for being as illustrated by its logo: a Boston terrier!! The brand has built its worldwide reputation on gradually penetrating large markets on different continents. Nowadays, Urban Factory can be proud of its accomplishments and foresees immense growth in the years to come. At the end of 2013, Urban Factory marked a major milestone by opening a subsidiary in the United States.

In 2014, the brand worked in partnership with Microsoft® on the development of research into Surface Pro3®, a successful experience that was repeated in 2015 with the Surface3®. 2014 was also the year Urban Factory became the market leader in emergency batteries (according to GFK®).

In 2018, Urban Factory launched a complete line of bags for notebook computers for the second time in its history made of recyclable and recycled materials.  Through the charity contribution site GANDEE, this line was linked to a partnership with the NGO Planète URGENCE promising to plant a tree somewhere on the planet for every satchel sold! 

In 2019, Urban Factory launched a complete line of webcams and headphones which was an unexpected market hit!

Urban Factory continues to offer innovative products with an attractive design and is completing its line of products based on today’s telework needs.



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